NM Group of Institutions kick-started its efforts in 1991 as a pioneer in Professional Training & Academic Education and has established a strong identity among the students and parents as a respected Group of Educational institutions. It has been envisioned as an institution of excellence with its main focus on building the capabilities of the students with holistic development of their personality. This is achieved through comprehensive education & synthesizing in its educational processes, professionalism with technological and managerial knowledge in a conducive environment created through good housekeeping, beautiful landscaping, adequate facilities & disciplined lifestyle.

The concept of NMIET BUSINESS SCHOOL attracts highly-talented students and provides them with an intercultural learning environment that offers research-based expertise in the various programs and executive education, and helps them develop their professional skills by cooperating closely with corporate partners To attracts highly-qualified faculty who develop innovative knowledge that is highly relevant to the business world and society at large, and who disseminate this knowledge through publications in top-tier scientific and professional journals and through corporate engagement


To be a leading and innovative hub for developing visionary leaders, driving organizational excellence, and shaping the future of management practices worldwide.


  1. To provide relevant and contemporary knowledge and skills for career building across sectors in the society.
  2. To provide an enabling and learning environment with the right blend of values and transformation skills.
  3. To equip students with entrepreneurial, innovative, and global mindset, relevant across functions, industries, and different sections of society.
  4. To sensitize students of the challenges of the globe-social, environmental, ethical dimensions and to prepare them for creating sustainability on earth.


1st Sem Syllabus